I.M. Grading Policies

bitmoji nice workRegular evaluation of students takes part on a daily basis.  Student grades will be based on 4 different categories:

1)  Tests / Projects (30%)

This category represents major chapter or unit tests in the nine-week period, as well as a wide variety of projects which will be assigned throughout the year.  These projects will be counted as test grades, and be scored based on a rubric specifically designed for the given project.  Students will be provided with scoring rubrics at the time the project is assigned.

2)  Classwork / Homework (30%)

Homework will be given on a daily basis, and is expected to be in class and completed when it is due.  Late homework will not be accepted.  Students who are absent are expected to get the assignments that they missed from the assignment board, and have them turned in as soon as possible.  Absent students will have no longer than the number of days absent to get make-up work turned in.  See the homework scoring rubric for more details on homework grades.

3)  Online Software (30%)

A large portion of our class time will be spent using online support and remediation software.  This include I-Ready, Algebra Nation, MathXL, and Carnegie Learning programs.

4)  Warm-Ups / Exit Slips / Class Presentation (10%)

Each class period will begin with 3-5 warm up problems intended to launch into the day’s lesson.  Warm-ups will review prior knowledge needed for the lesson, or assess understanding of recently learned topics. Exit slips will assess understanding of the basics of the daily lesson.  In addition, students will be expected to present selected problems to the class throughout the quarter.

FSA End of Course Exam

This year, the list of Florida State Assessments (FSA) includes an End-of –Course exam for Algebra I.  While the FSA will not affect your grade in this course, we will be working during the course to ensure your success on this test.  It is required that you pass this test for graduation.