A2H Assignments

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Quarter 1

18/15/22Course info form Algebra 2 Honors – 2022-2023
 28/15/22Absolute Value Transformation Activity
 38/17/22 Deltamath.com – Function Transformations
48/19/22Basics of Linear Functions
58/23/22Deltamath.com: Applications of Linear Functions
68/25/22Solving & Graphing Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities
78/29/22Piecewise Functions WS (Class Example)
88/31/22Unit 01 Test Review
99/7/22Unit 01 TEST
109/9/22Graphing Quadratics from Vertex Form
119/13/22Quadratics in Standard Form – Converting & Graphing
 12 9/15/22 Quadratic Application Problems (Warm-Up example)
139/19/22Unit 02 Test Review (with Cumulative Review)
149/21/22Unit 02 TEST
159/23/22Intro to Factoring – GCF, DOPS, Trinomials (a=1)
169/27/22Factoring Trinomials – Various A-Values