Alg 1 Assignments

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*The dates for B-day classes will be 1 school day later than those indicated here.

Quarter 4

#Date* Assignment
13/06/23Algebra I Information Packet 2022-2023
23/06/23Polynomial Operations Review with Geometry
33/08/23Intro to Factoring – GCF and Difference of Squares
43/22/23Factoring Trinomials – A=1
53/24/23Algebra 1 PMA#3 – Progress Monitoring Assessment
63/28/23Deltamath – Algebra I Factoring Practice
73/30/23Factoring Trinomials – Various A Values (Day 1)
84/03/23Factoring Trinomials (Various A) Day 2
94/05/23Polynomials Test Review
104/10/23Polynomials TEST
114/12/23Solving Quadratics – The Zero Product Property
124/14/23Solving Quadratics with the Quadratic Formula (NOTES)
134/18/23Solving Quadratics Review –
144/20/23Solving Quadratics Quiz (Factoring & Quadratic Formula)
154/24/23Graphing Quadratics in Vertex Form (Class Notes)
164/26/23Converting to Standard Form
174/28/23Quadratic Equations / Inequalities from Standard Form
185/02/23Graphical Transformations of Functions
Parent Graphs of Key Functions
195/02/23Deltamath: Function Transformations
205/04/23Deltamath: 1-Variable Statistics (Statistics Notes / Examples)
215/08/23Deltamath: Two-Way Frequency Tables (Class Examples)
225/10/23Introduction to Linear Regression
235/10/23Deltamath: Line of Best Fit & Linear Equations
245/12/23Linear Function Card Sort
255/16/23Factoring Review & Matching Activity
265/18/23BEST End-Of-Course Exam
(Counted in overall average, but not the Q4 average)
275/22/23Data & Statistics TEST REVIEW (Answers)
285/24/23Data & Statistics TEST <— Last test of the year!

Quarter 3

#Date* Assignment
11/04/23Algebra I Information Packet 2022-2023
21/04/23Algebra I – Post-Break Refresher
31/06/23Systems of Equations by Substitution (Class Examples)
41/10/23Systems of Equations by Elimination (Class Examples)
51/12/ – Systems of Equations
61/17/23Systems of Equations – Test (Mixed) Review
71/19/23Systems of Equations TEST
81/23/23Basic Rules of Exponents – Class Examples & Practice
91/25/23Working with Negative Exponents
101/27/23Deltamath Exponent Review
111/31/23Exponent Quiz
121/31/23Deltamath: Intro to Rational Exponents (class notes)
132/02/23Simplifying and Multiplying Radical Expressions
142/06/23Adding & Subtracting Radical Expressions
152/08/23Unit 7 Review – Exponents and Radical Functions
162/10/23Unit 7 – Exponent/Radical TEST
172/14/23More Radical Expressions
182/16/23Exponential Functions: Applications & Graphs (Class examples)
192/22/23Exponential Functions – Day 2 WS
202/24/23Exponential Functions QUIZ
212/24/23Function Operations – Day 1
222/28/23 (a)
3/3/23 (b) – Polynomial Multiplication (Class Examples)

Quarter 2

#Date* Assignment
110/13/22Algebra I Information Packet 2022-2023
210/13/22Slope-Intercept Form – Guided NotesAdditional Practice
310/19/22Linear Equations in Standard Form WS (Class Examples)
410/21/22Writing Linear Equations – Point-Slope with Applications
510/25/22Linear Equations Quiz
610/25/22MORE Writing Equations – Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
710/31/22Scatterplots & Line of Best Fit – Ball Bouncing Lab
810/31/ – Line of Best Fit
911/02/22Linear Function Test Review
1011/04/22Linear Function TEST
1111/08/22Absolute Value Transformation Exploration (Practice / Class Examples)
1211/08/ – Absolute Value Transformations
1311/14/22Solving Inequalities (Class Examples)
1411/16/22Compound Inequalities (Class Examples – Pg 1 & 2)
1511/18/ – Inequalities & Compound Inequalities
1611/22/22Graphing Linear Inequalities
1711/29/22Equations and Inequalities Test REVIEW
1812/01/22Solving & Graphing Inequalities TEST
1912/06/22DCPS Progress Monitoring Assessment #2
2012/5/22 (A)
12/8/22 (B)
Systems of Equations & Inequalities by Graphing (Class Examples)
2112/16/22Deltamath – Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Quarter 1

#Date* Assignment
18/15/22Algebra I Information Packet 2022-2023
28/15/ – Integer Operations Practice
38/17/22Order of Operations – (Class Examples) (Practice)
48/19/22Combining Like Terms & Distributive Property *log-in required
58/23/22Unit 00 Quest Review
68/25/22Unit 00 QUEST (Quiz/Test)
78/25/22Textbook Scavenger Hunt
88/29/22Translating Verbal Expressions
99/1/22Lesson 1-2 Practice Problems (Pg 19 #1-12 and #36-37) – From online Textbook (Class Examples)
109/6/22Lesson 1-3 Practice #1-8, 11-14, 25, 27. (Class Examples)
119/8/22Solving Multi-Step Equations Quiz
129/8/22Textbook Lesson 1-5 Practice #56-64 (Pg. 47) (Class Examples)
12b9/12/22*B-Day Only: Deltamath Solving Equations Review E.C.
139/13/22Solving Literal Equations WS (Class Examples)
149/15/22Unit 01 Test Review
159/19/22Unit 01 TEST
169/21/22Absolute Value Equations (Alg I only)
179/23/22Lesson 2-1 (Pg 75) Practice #1-13, 16-21, 28-30
189/27/22Interpreting Graphs – (Classwork)
1910/4/22Deltamath: Function Review
2010/6/22Function Unit Quiz
2110/10/22District Progress Monitoring Assessment #1 (PMA1)