Alg 1A Grading Policies

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Regular evaluation of students takes part on a daily basis.  Student grades will be based on 4 different categories:

1)  Unit Tests / Projects (50-100 points each)

This category represents major chapter or unit tests in the nine-week period, as well as a wide variety of projects which will be assigned throughout the year.  These projects will be counted as test grades, and be scored based on a rubric specifically designed for the given project.  Students will be provided with scoring rubrics at the time the project is assigned.

2)  Classwork / Homework  (5 points each)

Homework will be given on a daily basis, and is expected to be in class and completed when it is due. Late homework will not be accepted. Students who are absent are expected to get the assignments that they missed from the assignment board, and have them turned in as soon as possible. Absent students will have no longer than the number of days absent to get make-up work turned in. See the homework scoring rubric for more details on homework grades.

3)  Quizzes (20-30 points each)

Regular in-class quizzes will be given to check students’ progress and comprehension.

4)  Warm-Ups / Exit Slips / Class Presentation (25 points total)

Each class period will begin with 3-5 warm up problems intended to launch into the day’s lesson.  Warm-ups will review prior knowledge needed for the lesson, or assess understanding of recently learned topics. Exit slips will assess understanding of the basics of the daily lesson.  In addition, students will be expected to present selected problems to the class throughout the quarter.

Duval County End of Course Exam

Algebra 1A students are not required to take the state FSA assessment for Algebra I this year.  Instead, you will take a Duval County End-Of-Course Exam.  This test will count as 20% of your second semester grade.

Test Recovery:

Douglas Anderson is a school which embraces mistakes as an essential part of learning.  As a result, students who have completed at least 80% of their homework throughout the quarter will be eligible to re-take the unit test if an unsatisfactory grade (69% or lower) was earned the first time.  Students who wish to take advantage of test recovery must come to at least two Lunch & Learn sessions to review and correct their original test prior to scheduling the retest.  Test re-takes must be completed in one session, and therefore must be done after school by appointment.   Retakes are only allowed once per unit.  Once tests have been retaken, the test grade can be improved up to a maximum of 70%.

Extra Help:

Extra help is available most days during Lunch & Learn and, if necessary, after school by appointment.   There are also tutoring opportunities available through the National Honor Society.  Students should come to extra help with specific questions, as extra help time will not be devoted to re-teaching class material due to inattentiveness during class time.