2018-2019 Algebra 1A Assignments

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Quarter 1

18/14/18Course info form Algebra 1A – 2018-2019
28/14/18Practice 1.1 – Variables and Expressions (Notes)
38/16/18Page 13-14 #11, 17-21, 24, 39-41, (Notes)
48/20/18Addition and Subtraction of Integers (Notes)
58/22/18District Baseline Assessment
68/22/18Multiplication and Division of Integers
78/24/18Integer Bingo
88/28/18Integer and Order of Operations Quiz
98/28/18Pg 50 #9-16; 53-64
108/30/18MathXL Assignment: Distributive Property Practice – Due by Midnight on Sept. 3, 2018
119/4/18Practice 1-8 G – Intro to Equations
129/6/18Unit 01 Test Review
139/12/18Unit 01 TEST
149/14/18Solving 1-Step and 2 step Equations
159/18/18MathXL Assignment – Practice Solving 1 and 2-step Equations
169/20/18Solving 1 & 2 Step Equations Quiz
179/24/18Solving Equations with Distributive Property
189/26/18Pg 105 #10-18; Pg. 106 #21-26
199/28/18Desmos Equation Card Sort
2010/2/18Solving Equations Quiz #2
2110/2/18Solving Equations – Word Problems
2210/4/18Solving Proportion Problems
2310/8/18Solving more complex proportion problems
2410/10/18MathXL: Solving Proportions Review

Quarter 2

110/12/18Course info form Algebra 1A – 2018-2019
210/12/18Literal Equations
310/16/18Solving Equations TEST REVIEW
410/18/18Solving Equations TEST
510/23/18Solving Inequalities
610/25/18MathXL:  Solving Inequalities Practice
710/29/18Compound Inequalities
810/31/18Inequalities Quiz Review
911/2/18Solving Inequalities Quiz
1011/6/18Absolute Value Equations
1111/8/18MathXL:  Inequalities and Absolute Value Test REVIEW
(due 11/13 at midnight)
1211/14/18Inequalities and Absolute Value TEST
1311/16/18Functions Operations Practice (1A)
1411/20/18Multiplying Functions Practice
1511/29/18Function Operations Practice Quiz
1612/3/18Function Operations Quiz
1712/5/18E44 – Ax in Teeth Graphing WS
E45 – Line GraFun WS
1812/7/18E-68 Graphing – Mother Kangaroo
E-69 Get the Point WS
1912/11/18Ball Bouncing Lab
2012/13/18Algebra 1a Semester Exam Review 2018

Quarter 3

11/9/19Course info form Algebra 1A – 2018-2019
21/9/19Guided Notes – Slope Intercept Form
31/9/19Slope of a Line
41/11/19Slope Intercept Form – Classwork-Homework
51/15/19Slope Intercept Form – Additional Practice
61/17/19Slope Intercept Form QUIZ
71/17/19MathXL: Linear Functions: Slope Intercept Form (Due Monday 1/21 at midnight.) – Deadline extended to 1/23 at Midnight!
81/22/19Linear Equations in Standard Form
91/24/19Desmos Explorations: Polygraph & Landing Planes
101/28/19Equations in Standard Form – Day 2 Class Examples
MathXL: Linear Equations in Standard Form (Due 1/31)
111/30/19Linear Test Review
122/1/19Linear Unit TEST
132/1/19Intro to Systems by Graphing – Class Notes
142/5/19Solving Equations Review – Systems of Equations Pre-work.
152/7/19Warm-Ups and Class Notes – Systems by Substitution
Homework: Systems of Equations by Substitution.
162/11/19Systems by Substitution Partner Quiz
Systems of equations using elimination filled in class examples
182/21/19MathXL: Systems of Equations – 3 ways (Due midnight 2/24/19)
192/25/19Graphing Linear Inequalities & Systems of Inequalities
202/27/19Systems of Equations Inequalities Test Review
213/1/19Systems of Equations / Inequalities TEST
21b3/5/19Systems TEST Partner Corrections


Quarter 4

13/18/19Course info form Algebra 1A – 2018-2019
23/18/19Basic Rules of Exponents Class Examples
Exponents – Product and Power Rules – HW
33/20/19Exponents – Quotient Rule and Zero Exponents – HW
43/25/19MathXL: Exponent Review (Classwork)
53/25/19Exponents – Property Review
63/27/19Working with Negative Exponents
74/2/19Exponent Quiz
84/2/19www.deltamath.com – Exponent Practice
94/4/19Exponential Growth & Decay Class Examples
104/8/19Graphs of Exponential Functions with Applications
114/10/19Exponents and Exponential Growth & Decay Test Review
124/12/19Exponents and Exponential Growth & Decay TEST
134/16/19EOC Review – Unit 01 Review – Intro to Algebra
144/18/19EOC Review – Unit 02 Review – Solving Equations
154/24/19EOC Review – Unit 03 Review – Absolute Value and Inequalities
164/26/19EOC Review – Unit 04 Review – Function Operations Practice
174/30/19EOC Review – Unit 05 Review – Linear Functions
185/2/19EOC Review – Unit 06 Review – Systems of Equations and Inequalities
195/6/19EOC Review – Unit 07 Review – Exponents and Exp Growth & Decay
205/8/19MathXL – EOC Review
215/10/19Box and Whisker Worksheet
225/14/19Duval County End Of Course EXAM
235/16/19Two-Way Frequency Tables Worksheet