Algebra IA – Back to School – 2022-2023

Welcome to DA, and Algebra IA.

Here are a few helpful things to help you get ready for a great school year.

Algebra IA Supply List:

Students will be expected to bring the following items to class on a daily basis;

  1. Student Laptop – In addition to a number of online activities and assignments, our Algebra I textbook will now be available to students online.
  2. 3-ring binder (rings at least 1”) with all work in chronological order
  3. Both Notebook & Graph paper
  4. At least 2 pencils
  5. Standard ear-buds or headphones.  (Plug-in, not Bluetooth)
  6. Scientific Calculator – The following calculators are approved for use on the Algebra I FSA End-of-Course assessment, and are highly recommended:
    • Texas Instruments TI-30Xa,
    • Casio fx-260,
    • Casio fx-82,
    • Sharp EL-510R,
    • Sharp EL-510RN

*Cell phones may not be used as calculators.

Additional course information can be accessed in the Course info form Algebra 1 and 1a – 2022-2023. Check it out, and feel free to look around the site for more information.